Corporate Social Responsibility of Hershey


Corporate Social Responsibility

I have been asked what brands demonstrate social responsibility based on my experience.

I’m not entirely sure if I have any experience in that department. I don’t analyze how companies treat their customers or employees. Of course you have the companies that get bad press because their social responsibility is all jacked-up: Walmart, Nike, and McDonalds to name a few. I’m pretty sure a majority of people know about them.

The crazy thing is though, it hasn’t ruined the companies, it might have even made them more popular. Oh the humanity, but anyway, back on track. There are some companies that have great social responsibility and keeps their reputation clean. Companies like Hershey, they even have a sectioned for CSR on their website I have linked here.

Now how did I know Hershey demonstrated social responsibility you ask? I googled it. Some things on the website include CSR reports and scorecards, their good press and their values along with some other CSR resources. I hope this example and link helps you figure out what social responsibility is and how nice of a company Hershey is, I mean they have an amusement park. That’s a great way to please your customers.


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